“I want to thank Chic Dambach for his tireless efforts to build this organization into the powerful force it has become.”

Bill Clinton, President

“What a gift to humanity. I love this book.”

Aaron Voldman, Executive Director, Student Peace Alliance

“The book is such an engrossing look at a fascinating life and our remarkable times.”

Bob Berg, Senior Advisor, World Federation of United Nations Associations

“The book is an inspiration in that it frames the enormity of the world’s problems around the story of a man who set out to change the world and did so. He proves that within each individual lies the ability to enact great change in the world.”

What Weekly Magazine

“It is a great work — inspiring, impressive… The book is powerful… I enjoyed it all. ”

Rob Ricigliano, Director, Institute of World Affairs, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

“Chic extracts from us a patience that we must learn so that we can carry on with full heart as we pursue our own quests and dreams.”

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary

“Exhaust the Limits is the inspiring and powerful memoir of one man with high ideals who set out to make a difference – and did it.”

Congressman John Garamendi

“I am filled with inspiration and hope after reading – and rereading – this brilliant memoir.”

Lisa Paine, Executive Director, American College of Nurse-Midwives Foundation

“He encouraged the audience to learn, to listen, travel far and wide, move beyond their comfort zones, and, of course, to leave the world a better place.”

This Week Worthington (Ohio)

“I have rarely found an individual that combined so many of the best traits of leadership.”

Harry Blaney, President, Coalition for American Leadership Abroad

“You are brilliant! Your spirit and insight are so uplifting and inspiring!”

Alana DeJoseph, Producer and Director of A Towering Task

“I happened to pick up my copy of Exhaust the Limits & found myself enthralled both by the story & the storytelling process.”

Joe Eldridge, Chaplain (Retired), American University

“Clear and interesting and deeply information-rich writer…”

George Halvorson, CEO and Chairman (Retired), Kaiser Permanente

“Storyteller, peacemaker, community leader…Chic represents the best of the Peace Corps.”

Glenn Blumhorst, President and CEO, National Peace Corps Association

“If there were a god of peace, Chic would definitely be his deputy”

Mahamane Baby, Director General, National Social Insurance Institute of Mali